What NOT to buy and sell on eBay - Purchases with no return on investment
Buying and Selling to Make Money, Tips on Selling on eBay

What About the LOSERS?

What NOT to buy and sell on eBay - Purchases with no return on investmentIt happens. Once in a while, you’re just going to buy something you clearly shouldn’t have bought. It happens all the time.

These are the losers.

Now, the issue isn’t always that they didn’t sell – but that the time spent buying and then listing it just wasn’t worth it.

For example, take the little candy tin pictured here.

It’s a really nice little tin, and it was made in Holland. It only cost $1 at a yard sale, so what’s the harm?

It’s ok to take a chance for just a few pennies.

I really thought this would sell for at least $10. After all, people like that “Wedgewood” look, and I figured that this was a natural for eBay.

So, up it went on eBay where it sold for …. $5. Five whole dollars.

Well, someone was really pleased with it – and they got a great deal. But, let’s look at the break down here:

  • Purchase price = $1.00
  • Research on line to see where I should list it
  • Take photo of item
  • Type up the item listing
  • Pay the listing fee
  • Answer questions about how much to ship the item here or there (we offer international shipping on many of our items)
  • Auction closes for $5.00
  • eBay takes its Final Value Fee
  • Send customer invoice
  • Prepare paperwork/receipts and package the item
  • Put item in mail

Now, once you add up the costs in time, materials, and effort, it is clearly easy to see how it would be tough to make a living on $5.00 items – unless your budget is only $200 – $500/week.

Unfortunately, I need much more than $200-$500/week to live (ah, the good ol’ days… I remember when my budget was only about $500 per MONTH!).

So, while the issue of spending the time and effort on an item that sells for $100 doesn’t feel too bad, it digs in pretty deep on a $5.00 item.

We posted an article that further discusses what to do about “the losers” here on the blog. Have a look here! => What About The Losers? 
IN THE MEANTIME… Enjoy the following video that we made about this topic!

Buying and Selling Identical Items on eBay
Buying and Selling to Make Money, Tips on Selling on eBay

New Tips on Selling on eBay Featured Article

Buying and Selling Identical Items on eBayKath and I were talking about some tips on selling on eBay today, and we realized that we often purchase lots of “identical” items – that is, a lot or pallet of numerous items that are all the same.

We thought you might find the idea appealing, especially since buying and selling on eBay this way can really be a time saver. Of course, there are a few things that are important to keep in mind when looking at buying a large lot like this. You definitely want to be sure that more than one person actually wants these things!

We’ve bought and sold some interesting things this way – “Vision Board Kits,” pewter cups, abacus (abaci?), die-cast cars…

Last year, I came across a large lot of centrifuge tubes for example. Now, those things can be expensive in a science catalog. But I bought the lot for about $15 – and over the course of the year, sold them all for about $400. Yes, it took some time for me to realise that profit – but as you’ll see from the article (which you can read here => Benefits of Buying and Selling Identical Items on eBay)  – it isn’t really all that difficult to do.

Have a look at our strategy, and let me know what you think!


One of this week's Buying and Selling to Make Money on eBay Winners!
Buying and Selling to Make Money, Tips on Selling on eBay

Buying and Selling on eBay – 4/11/11 Results

One of this week's Buying and Selling to Make Money on eBay Winners!

Hello again! Time for this week’s “Buying and Selling on eBay” results. Today’s video shows you our results from our auctions that closed Sunday night, April 10, 2011.

I worked on the format of the video, and made it a little shorter and “lighter” so that it doesn’t take long to load. You’ll get an idea of some of this last week’s buying and selling to make money realities.

Recognizing that you may want to also see some of the “duds” instead of seeing just “the studs,” I promise that in an upcoming video, I’ll show you some of our less spectacular buys – the kinds of things that we wind up sending off to the local Salvation Army or off to auction.

One of our better finds over the course of this last week was a lot of spray guns by Binks – the kind of spray guns used in painting. Kathy spotted them, and we got all 3 for $20. As you’ll see in the video, they sold for a nice profit. (Big pat on the back to my lovely wife! Good job hon!) 🙂

You’ll also see a few places where we bought something for $1.00 and only sold it for $5.00. Oh well, the person who bought it was happy with it – and that carries some weight of its own! It’s nice that someone got a good deal. We all like good deals, so as sellers, we need to be prepared to share that good feeling with others.

Enjoy the video, and we’ll see you again soon! (PS: If you like the video and my blog, would you be so kind as to let your Facebook friends know about it? Simply comment on our “Facebook Comment” section below! Thanks so much! Enjoy!)

Buying and Selling to Make Money on eBay
Buying and Selling to Make Money, Tips on Selling on eBay

Make Money Selling on eBay-Results for April 3, 2011

Buying and Selling to Make Money on eBay

Although it wasn’t an absolutely stellar week  for us to make money selling on ebay, we decided to kick off our website with a rundown of our results anyway!

As you’ll see, we’ll be posting not only when we have hot items selling on eBay and other auctions, but also the duds! We’ll also be offering our strategies and tips on selling on eBay. This particular post is really just the starting point.

We are looking forward to sharing not only our own adventures buying and selling to make money, but hope you will join the conversation and share your own thoughts as well.

If you would like to view our results for this week, we invite you to click on the video below!

AND… if you enjoyed hearing about our finds for the week, please share this page with your Facebook Friends by leaving a Facebook Comment! Thanks so much!