Flea Market Selling Tips

Hi all! Our Flea Market Selling Tips include the importance of using a checklist to help guide the process. Those of you who follow our YouTube channel are already familiar with our methods of organizing and setting up to sell at our local Flea Market. The purpose of this post is to offer a copy of our “Flea Market Set Up Check List” that we’re promising at the channel.

About the checklist

It’s a simple checklist. It will likely fit the bill for most of you if you decide to set up at a market near you. If it’s not 100% applicable to your own needs, at least it can be a starting point.

A Quick Note About Our Videos

Only a few of our videos concentrate on selling at a flea market. But, in those, we show you our process pretty much from start to finish. Sometimes it’s difficult to film during the event itself due to how busy we can get. We need to tend to our customers first. We’ll be filming another flea market weekend again soon. Once it’s loaded to YouTube, we’ll add the video to this post, below.

Anyway, here it is, a simple PDF file for you to down load now. And, if you have not seen our Flea Market videos, we’ll include them below!

Download the Checklist

Some Videos with Flea Market Selling Tips

Our YouTube channel usually focuses on what we buy at yard sales to resell on eBay (our primary selling platform). But, occasionally we buy stuff to SPECIFICALLY sell at our local flea market. It’s just that some things don’t have enough ROI for us to sell on eBay. But we know that people who frequently shop at this particular market look for tools, fishing gear, and more items popular in our area. We shop for stuff for our own house there as well.

We really like to give people good value when we sell. I think it’s because of that, whenever we set up to sell (which is only a couple of times a year), they look forward to shopping at our tables. And while it’s a hectic few days, it’s also fun! We meet some pretty interesting folks, and have made some new friends as a result.

Anyway, here is the series of our Flea Market videos! Whenever we make a new one, we’ll add it to the series here. If you enjoy the type of content we share on YouTube, we invite you to subscribe to our channel to join us on our adventures! Thank you for reading!

This was a Flea Market we did in early 2023.
This video shows the first time we set up at a Flea Market – this was in 2021!