Selling at Auction

Selling at Auction - How to Sell at AuctionSelling at auction, and learning how to sell at auction, is a little different than buying and selling on eBay. Even though eBay tends to dominate most people’s thoughts when they’re selling at auction online, physical “bricks and mortar” auction houses are still going strong!

Long before eBay hit the scene, people were buying and selling their wares at physical auction houses – and they still do! Even though I sell a lot of stuff on eBay throughout the year, I still both buy AND sell at physical auction houses.

Because of the rural nature of where I live most of the year, there aren’t as many country auctions as there may be in other parts of the country. But nonetheless, there are still a bunch of them, and in this section of the website I will offer various tips about how I tend to do my selling at auction (or even buying at auction).

So, let’s begin by checking out the article listed below! As I come up with additional ideas, I’ll post them here.

Articles about Selling at Auction

=> Sorting and Lotting Items for Selling at Auction Houses – In this article, we discuss the all-important “presentation” of the stuff you sell at auction, in particular, at live auction houses.