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What sells well on eBay these days?

When people ask me what sells well on eBay these days, I tend to automatically think of a few categories right off the bat: Unusual stuff (always), hats & shoes (and other “useful” items), “new old stock” (e.g. unopened cosmetics/supplements, etc), and good quality sporting goods. Of course, that’s not all, but we’ve certainly had good results with those particular items.

Then, I realized that, actually, we sell a LOT of different types of items. So, I thought it was time to do a little update highlighting some of the stuff that has sold on eBay over the first half of the year. I’m currently in the mountains doing carpentry work, so our next “eBay Season” won’t begin in earnest until the fall. But we had some excellent sales during the first 2 quarters of 2021! For your convenience, I’m putting some of the videos outlining what we sold as well.

Unusual Fiestaware

Early in the season, we had found a bunch of Fiestaware plates – which most people in the buying and reselling niche already know about. What we had never seen before, however, was Fiestaware FLATWARE – and THAT turned out to be a good addition to the lot, because those sold VERY well (see the picture below – we also discuss it in the video below)

Fiestaware flatware sold on eBay

So, that was a good find, and certainly not something we come across every day.

Selling “New Old Stock” (aka NOS)

Another category that has been selling very well for us includes “new old stock” medical supplies and creams/supplements. For example, we had picked up 3 tubes of something called “Chelactiv” skin cream for $3, and they sold very quickly for $39 (with free shipping). In that same category, we paid $2 for some supplement called “HumanN NEO40 Nitric Oxide” and those sold for $75 (again, we included shipping).

So, check out this first video for that round up, then continue scrolling down!

Selling Hats and Shoes on eBay

Turns out we sell a LOT of hats and shoes on eBay. The key, for us anyway, is CONDITION. We only purchase clothing items if they are in excellent condition (unless they are vintage and/or rare, in which case we’ll relax our standards on condition a bit).

So, in this next video, we highlight some of those items, explaining how we lot them and list them. Also in this video, I show you another fun category I enjoy: selling used baseballs. You’ll also see some unusual items you might not otherwise think about: Industrial supplies!

Check it out:

An eBay Selling Experiment

In the next video, I outline an interesting little experiment that we did. Turns out that when buyers have looked at or saved your item (maybe they were considering buying it at one point, but didn’t go through with the sale; or perhaps they had another reason for looking at it), we have an opportunity to create a special offer that gets sent out to those folks.

At a certain point, we had a number of items that had been listed for a while, and I wanted to move them out. Out with the old, in with the new! So, I took advantage of this special offer option, and was quite pleased with the results! Check out what we sold via the special offers! You will see the ORIGINAL listing, and then what it actually SOLD for.

Those are some of the highlights from the first part of the year! We’ll have a fast year-end flurry of business once I get back to Florida. During the summer, I am booked with carpentry business, including some remote work in the mountains, and it just isn’t feasible for me to try to keep my eBay store running during these busy months.

But it won’t be long before we get the store up again – just in time for some Christmas sales!

Stay tuned! (PS: If you haven’t already, please consider subscribing to my YouTube Channel: John’s Yard Sale Finds where I highlight not only what we find at yard sales to sell on eBay, but also some of the cool other things we find, such as “Old” or “Vintage Home Movies” (typically 8mm home movies), and old 78 RPM recordings! We’re going to be adding a LOT more videos of both those finds in the future!

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