Tips on Selling on eBay

John has been buying and selling to make money on eBay since 1998 - but has been buying at yard sales, auctions and through other venues since the early 1980s.Welcome to our Tips on Selling on eBay section! As time goes on, I’ll be loading this area with articles that share some of my buying and selling strategies that I’ve used with great success over the years.

If you read my “About Us” page, you know that I’ve been buying and selling to make money for nearly 30 years – and since January 1999, these efforts have included eBay.

As I write articles for this Tips on Selling on eBay section, you’ll see the links to these articles right here. Thanks so much for stopping by, and please visit again very soon!


=> Benefits of Buying and Selling Identical Items on eBay – Here we discuss how buying and selling identical (or similar) items on eBay┬ácan be both cost effective as well as time saving.

=> How to Sell on eBay – A Reader’s Questions – Here I post a nice “how to sell on eBay” letter I received from a reader. She is an eBay beginner, and I thought that others who are also new to eBay might benefit from hearing her questions and my responses, based on our own experience.