Tried and True eBay Strategies Still Work in 2021

As we march into 2021, the strategies I’ve been using for 22 years selling on eBay are still valid (yes, this month it is 22 years since I started selling on eBay!).

Can You Still Make Money?

One thing I did today was make a video showing some stuff that will easily earn us at least 10 times what we paid for the inventory. It really does seem like this is not an unusual expectation. We wanted to show folks how some items that look fairly ordinary can really add up. It’s always been this way for us. Actually, we love it when we find the thing that brings a LOT MORE than “just” 10 times our money, but anyway, check this out and you’ll see some examples:

Some Things in 2020 Were Out of Our Control

One thing that has changed over the last year is something pretty much everyone has likely experienced – at least when it comes to buying at yard/garage sales, estate sales, etc.

During the spring of 2020, the COVID-19 pandemic slowed things down for buying at yard sales and thrift stores when these options were not allowed while the government worked to find answers and tried to find ways to stem the spread of the disease. Unfortunately – and I know we’re not alone – but some of our own families and friends were touched by COVID-19. So far everyone we know personally has recovered (or is currently recovering).

We’re still remaining vigilant, and even though where we live yard sales, flea markets and thrift stores are now allowed, we remain cautious, and never attend any without our masks and an ample supply of hand sanitizer!

We hope you and your loved ones remain safe during these difficult times.

Other than taking a few additional precautions to help protect others as well as ourselves, the overall strategies that we’ve been using to resell stuff on eBay has pretty much remained the same as it has for years.

Lots More Yard Sales in Florida

This last year also saw us purchase a place in Florida. I’ll still do my carpentry work up north, but will certainly be making the most of my time in Florida going to as many yard/estate sales, thrift stores and flea markets as possible.

Honestly, we get a LOT more bang for our buck, timewise, when going to garage sales here in Florida. It’s just that there are so many more to choose from in a smaller, or should I say “denser” geographic region. Sometimes in NH we have to drive 30+ miles before we even see a yard sale. Here in FL by the time we’ve driven 30 miles we have probably been to a dozen.

We were figuring out some 2020 year-end figures today and determined that when we’re in Florida, that aspect of finding our inventory averages 15 or so hours a week (sometimes a little more). Of course, it’s like panning for gold – it’s always a lot of fun finding the gold!

We’re Now on YouTube More

Speaking of YouTube, another change we’ve made recently is getting our YouTube channel up and running after taking a little time off. What is typically my “summer” carpentry business ran into “summer and fall” for the last couple of years. It’s great work in a beautiful spot, so I am grateful for all of it!

But it’s a lot of fun to share what we find (and sell) on YouTube.

Here’s one’s video that shows a particularly good haul recently!

Anyway, just wanted to give that particular update. I’ll post some of the videos we’re doing here on the site – in the meantime, here is my YouTube Channel if you would like to subscribe:

We’ll be back with more. In the meantime, happy new year, and may 2021 be a happy, healthy and prosperous year for all. Thank you for visiting.

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