What About the LOSERS?

What NOT to buy and sell on eBay - Purchases with no return on investmentIt happens. Once in a while, you’re just going to buy something you clearly shouldn’t have bought. It happens all the time.

These are the losers.

Now, the issue isn’t always that they didn’t sell – but that the time spent buying and then listing it just wasn’t worth it.

For example, take the little candy tin pictured here.

It’s a really nice little tin, and it was made in Holland. It only cost $1 at a yard sale, so what’s the harm?

It’s ok to take a chance for just a few pennies.

I really thought this would sell for at least $10. After all, people like that “Wedgewood” look, and I figured that this was a natural for eBay.

So, up it went on eBay where it sold for …. $5. Five whole dollars.

Well, someone was really pleased with it – and they got a great deal. But, let’s look at the break down here:

  • Purchase price = $1.00
  • Research on line to see where I should list it
  • Take photo of item
  • Type up the item listing
  • Pay the listing fee
  • Answer questions about how much to ship the item here or there (we offer international shipping on many of our items)
  • Auction closes for $5.00
  • eBay takes its Final Value Fee
  • Send customer invoice
  • Prepare paperwork/receipts and package the item
  • Put item in mail

Now, once you add up the costs in time, materials, and effort, it is clearly easy to see how it would be tough to make a living on $5.00 items – unless your budget is only $200 – $500/week.

Unfortunately, I need much more than $200-$500/week to live (ah, the good ol’ days… I remember when my budget was only about $500 per MONTH!).

So, while the issue of spending the time and effort on an item that sells for $100 doesn’t feel too bad, it digs in pretty deep on a $5.00 item.

We posted an article that further discusses what to do about “the losers” here on the blog. Have a look here! => What About The Losers? 
IN THE MEANTIME… Enjoy the following video that we made about this topic!

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