What Sold on eBay – 2021 Wrap Up

Hi, and welcome to 2022! I was up in New Hampshire from May – mid-December for my busy carpentry season. That didn’t leave much time for the fun of the yard sale circuit. The North Country isn’t as bustling as the Florida circuit, probably because we have as many people in one town in Florida as there is in the entire northern tier of New Hampshire!

Kath stayed in Florida for another couple of months while I was in NH, and she kept the momentum going with yard sales. She found some amazing stuff at a couple of estate sales – things you might not consider:

  • a huge lot of sealed cassette audio tapes from the 1980s
  • huge lot of vintage sealed VHS tapes
  • lots of t-shirts and ball caps
  • some pricey perfume
  • some new old stock (NOS) cosmetics
  • and more!

Have a look at the video she made – and I show up in a cameo appearance at the end:

Kath came up to NH for August – early November, and so I shut down the eBay store (we don’t have a way to service our store when we’re gone). But, of course that didn’t stop us from getting to yard sales on the occasional weekend and stockpiling more inventory (as though we actually NEED more inventory).

While we are overloaded with resalable inventory in Florida, we still have a large storage unit in NH as well which is filled to the brim with inventory (as well as my carpentry tools).

Have a quick look at what’s still up north, waiting to be transported to Florida!

Once Kath returned to Florida, we re-opened the store and sure enough a few sales began trickling in. Kath listed one of the lots of cassettes that she had found during the summer, along with a few other small items, but other than that, it was just whatever we had listed prior to my leaving for the summer.

That said, we did clean out a few things, and did a 2021 End of Year video, which you can see here:

So, not too bad considering we hardly listed anything during that last quarter!

But, here it is – already mid-January 2022, and we are back at it! Listing, listing, listing! We’ll have some new results very soon!

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