2020 Wrap-Up – What it REALLY Cost Me to Sell on eBay

In the video I just uploaded yesterday, I explained the actual costs associated with selling on eBay in 2020. Now, please keep in mind that 2020 was an unusual year for me, and I was unable to devote more than a few short months to my eBay work.

2021 is starting off with a bang, and we’re selling some great stuff – and we share this with you on our YouTube videos as well! I’m expecting to have my eBay store up a lot longer this year, even though I’ll still be heading to New England for my usual summer building and carpentry season.

Anyway, even though we weren’t able to do as much on eBay in 2020, I did manage to sell about 260 items, and in this short video, you’ll see the exact breakdown. The costs don’t vary much with more volume. It has appeared to be fairly steady.

Spoiler: It cost me about 40% overall from start to finish – but watch the video. It’s only about 3 minutes long, and you’ll see each line item. Here it is! Thanks for watching.

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