Back in Florida and Ready for Another Winter of Yard Sales

One of the things that I look forward most to coming to Florida in the winter (other than fishing and playing softball) is going yard saleing. I’m guessing that’s pretty obvious though! The thrill of the hunt! It’s fun – even though it can sometimes be frustrating when I don’t find anything awesome to resell.

Kath and I talk sometimes about how I’d still go out even if I never had to earn another dime from selling on eBay. I think I’d buy more selectively, but I’d still “have” to go! Anyway, in this video I share the first yard sale haul of the winter (2018-2019) season! In this particular weekend, Kath went out to a local sale on her way back from working out, and found the Harley manuals. Those might be the find of the weekend!

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