What Are Some Ways You Can Improve Your eBay Sales?

We wrote a lot about this Fitz & Floyd Monkey TeapotThis post is primarily for beginners, or people who haven’t sold a lot on eBay yet. So for those of you who have been at this for a long time, bear with me.

I’m writing this because I just searched for something, and realized why I wouldn’t buy a couple of the items I saw listed in the category for the particular thing I was looking for.

Ok, new people: If you go over to eBay any time, you obviously see millions of things for sale. Check any category, or type in search term.

For example if you type in the word “teapot” and search for it, chances are you’re going to see hundreds if not thousands of them for sale. Right?

So let’s say YOU have a teapot for sale… How can you make YOUR teapot stand out?

Well for one thing, the more you know about it the better. The more unique it is, the better. The better condition it’s in, the better. The more pictures you can show of it, the better. The more enticing you can make it sound, the better. The less common it is, the better.

In other words, if you just put a picture of your teapot and then in the description say teapot for sale, you probably won’t get many takers.

However, the more unique you can make your teapot sound the more chances that someone is going to want it. For example, doesn’t have pictures of elephants on it? Or maybe monkeys on it? We wrote a lot about this Fitz & Floyd Monkey Teapot

Think about what people are collecting. For example, some people may not be collecting teapots per se, but they are collecting elephants. And if you happen to have a rare teapot with pictures of elephants in beautiful colors, that was made in England, and that has no chips or cracks, and you have beautiful pictures of it, well… You might have a better chance of selling it.

For example, you saw the ittle Fitz & Floyd Monkey Teapot picture? We saw the teapot at a yard sale, and thought it was cute. Instantly, we were thinking, “Hmmm… WHO wants this?”

Answer: Maybe a Fitz & Floyd collector, sure… but why not teapot collectors? And drilling down a bit, why not MONKEY collectors?

We figured that instead of competing with the thousands of people selling “teapots,” we’d go straight for “Monkeys.”

Therefore, we put it in the category of  “Collectibles,” followed by a sub-category of “Animals,” followed by “Wild Animals,” and finally “Monkeys.”

Then, we put everything we could find about this teapot into our description (which we show pictured here, below). As you can see, we didn’t leave anything out. We had noticed a tiny hairline crack – so we mentioned it right up front.

The person who bought it couldn’t be more pleased!

If we had simply listed it under “teapot,” it may still be sitting on our shelf!

So don’t skimp on description, don’t skimp on pictures, give your customer as much information as you possibly can about whatever it is you’re selling.

PS: Here’s a Kindle download from a guy named Greg Perry who has put together a book at Amazon: eXtreme eBay – How to Quickly Apply the Most Powerful Direct Marketing Techniques in the World to Every Item You Sell on eBay (Note: That link is to a Kindle ebook, and really inexpensive – less than $4)

Look at all the info we put in about one small teapot



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